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CERTIFYING Hydrogen Supply Chains
We trace, verify and certify your green hydrogen, green fuels and green products like metals, cement, glass, chemicals and provide certification backed by digital evidence.
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The Problem
Today, most of our fuels are derived from carbon-intense sources. As we transition to cleaner alternatives Governments, Corporations and Industries are looking for a way of assessing the carbon intensity of new greener fuels and are struggling to find a certification scheme that is globally applicable and standardized across the world.
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Our solution

Hydroverse's® "Proof of Origin" solution allows for the digital tracing and certification of all inputs, processes and supply chains and can be applied globally. Our solution provides real-time monitoring of production, storage, transport, consumption of supply chains providing transparency, accountability, and integrity. This will become a powerful tool for the transition to the circular economy and for ESG reporting requirements.

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