Hydroverse’s solution provides digital evidence

Hydroverse offers a "Proof of Origin" solution that allows for the digital tracing of hydrogen from its production to its consumption. This solution provides real-time monitoring of hydrogen's production, storage, transport, and consumption and is scalable both nationally and globally. By providing transparency, accountability, and integrity, Hydroverse's solution allows for secure, evidence-based data trails for digital tracing and real-time auditing.

Track the Origin of Your Hydrogen with Confidence
With our hydrogen proof of origin solution, you can be sure that the hydrogen you purchase has been produced using renewable energy sources. Our system tracks every step of the hydrogen production process, from the source of the energy used to the transportation of the hydrogen to your location. This information is then stored on a secure and transparent blockchain, allowing you to verify the origin of your hydrogen with confidence.
Real-Time Dashboard: Our dashboard allows you to track the production of your hydrogen in real-time, providing you with up-to-date information on the renewable energy sources used and the carbon emissions saved.
1 Cent/Kg of Hydrogen Tracked per Gate: Our pricing model is based on the amount of hydrogen you produce or consume, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.
Seamless Integration: Our solution can easily integrate with your existing supply chain, making it easy for you to adopt renewable hydrogen and reduce your carbon footprint.
Real-Time Dashboard
Investor Dashboard Allows for Transparent Tracking of 1 Cent/Kg of Hydrogen Tracked Per Gate
"Hydrogen will play a critical role in the energy transition, and Hydroverse's innovative proof of origin solution is an important step towards achieving a sustainable hydrogen economy."
Dr. Jane Smith, CEO
Hydrogen Futures Australia
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